Hall-of-Famer and current TNT personality Charles Barkley has almost gone out of his way to pick against the Golden State Warriors this season. Before the playoff even started he said the Warriors would not win the title. When Golden State played against Oklahoma City in the Western Conference finals, Barkley picked the Thunder. His prediction didn't come to fruition then and now it looks like his pick for the Cleveland Cavaliers to beat the Warriors and win the NBA Finals may not also come true.

After the Warriors defeated the Cavs in Game 4, Barkley was ready to admit that he may be wrong to pick against Golden State. The Cavs could conceivably come back from the 3-1 deficit, but the odds are stacked against them in a major way. In NBA history, the 32 teams with a 3-1 lead have never lost in the Finals.

Barkley knows this so when Draymond Green asked him postgame on NBA TV when he would properly apologize to the Warriors for always picking against them, the Hall-of-Fame forward said he would do it at the beginning of next season.

"As soon as y'all get your rings again, I'll get on my knees on national television and say I was wrong about the Warriors," Barkley said.

Barkley was then asked if he would go to Oakland and do it in front of Golden State's fans. This was something Barkley would not agree to do because "those people aren't nice to me."

Barkley had to eat his words about the Warriors after they won the championship last year and now it looks like he is ready to do it again if Golden State wins for the second straight year. He may say some outlandish things but you have to give Barkley some credit, when he's wrong, he can at least admit it.

Barkley knows he was foolish to bet against the Warriors. (USATSI)