Michael Jordan's exploits as a pitchman are well known. Throughout his dominant run of championships in the 1990s, he became easily the greatest salesman in the history of sports, essentially turning Nike into the powerhouse that it is today while also filming ads for Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Wheaties.

Arguably his most famous ad, though, came in 1992. The commercial, made by Gatorade, compels viewers to "Be like Mike," and became so ubiquitous that in 2002, a basketball movie starring Bow Wow was titled "Like Mike." 

Now, with "The Last Dance" airing and Jordan becoming one of the most popular figures of the quarantine in which we find ourselves, Gatorade decided to go back to the Jordan well. They remade the famous commercial and released it on Sunday. The catch? A number of contemporary basketball figures joined him, including Zion Williamson, Jayson Tatum and Elena Delle Donne. All three are Nike endorsers, with Williamson and Tatum both under the Jordan Brand umbrella. 

Strategically speaking, revitalizing Jordan's greatest hits makes quite a bit of sense right now. Considering his relatively underwhelming ownership of the Charlotte Hornets, his fame is likely never going to be greater than it is right now, when "The Last Dance" is in the limelight. Jordan may not be quite the pitchman he once was, but he is providing the closest thing to live sports we currently have, and as a result, his endorsing power is likely higher now than it has been since his retirement. 

Gatorade is taking advantage of all of the buzz ESPN's documentary has created, and as a result, has a commercial that will generate plenty of coverage in itself.