Big Baller Brand re-designs Lonzo's ZO2 shoes; LaVar Ball not worried about refunds

When you're a Big Baller, you spurn all the major shoe companies to release your own custom made shoes. And when you don't like the design a few months later, you scrap it and start all over. 

That's exactly what Lonzo Ball and the Big Baller Brand have done, announcing Thursday that they have discarded the original design for Lonzo's first signature shoe, the ZO2 Primes, and will be releasing a brand new look instead. 

Lonzo and the Big Baller Brand also released a video for the occasion, which features the No. 2 overall pick rapping (which he's actually pretty good at) about his decision to leave UCLA and continue the BBB movement with his own independent shoe. 

As for people who pre-ordered a pair of the ZO2s back when they were first announced, they will get this new design instead. If they aren't interested in this new look, however, they are able to request a refund.

While potentially having to refund a bunch of high-price sales might worry some business owners, don't count LaVar Ball among them. The Big Baller Brand CEO is not concerned with that possibility, and he offered an incredible analogy to explain why. Via ESPN:

"What happens if you ordered a 2017 diesel, and I came out and told you, sight unseen, that I was giving you a 2018 Bugatti for the same price?" Ball said. "You wouldn't ask for a refund."

On the one hand, you could look at this as a bad sign, as it's not great to hear the company had to scrap their original design. 

However, you could definitely see this as more shrewd marketing by LaVar and Co. After the initial heat from the first release, the interest in the ZO2s has fallen off. But by in a way re-releasing the shoe with this new design, he gets it back in the media and can hype up the new look and improvements. 

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