Billy King talks Jason Kidd, says he met with Lionel Hollins on Monday

Billy King and Jason Kidd, just a year ago.
Billy King and Jason Kidd, just a year ago. (USATSI)

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Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King met the media on Tuesday morning to discuss Jason Kidd's failed power play and the subsequent trade with the Milwaukee Bucks. He thanked Kidd -- now officially the head coach in Milwaukee -- for the job he did last season, and praised Lionel Hollins when discussing who might be the next man on the sideline in Brooklyn. 

King added, "there's no reason to sling any mud here," and this is where we can step in and say there was plenty of reason to sling mud. Kidd tried to go over King's head and assume full control of Brooklyn's basketball operations. According to Zach Lowe of Grantland, it all started "during the fraught months of December and January," when Kidd went to ownership with concerns about King and asked if someone else could be hired above him. Recently, Kidd wanted that "someone else" to be himself. King has every right to publicly admonish Kidd, but he chose not to.

He also gave a shout-out to longtime Nets fan "Mr. Whammy" because, sure, why not?

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