Blazers' C.J. McCollum says Stephen Curry can't guard him

Welcome to the first installment of Is This A Thing? The topic: a tweet sent by Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum. A fan asked McCollum if Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry could guard him, and McCollum said no.

C.J. McCollum against the Warriors
C.J. McCollum doesn't think anybody can stop him. USATSI

The crucial questions:

Did McCollum disrespect Curry? No. Unlike Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in the playoffs, he didn't criticize Curry's defense or laugh at the idea that he's underrated on that end of the court. McCollum simply said that Curry can't guard him, which is a reflection of his confidence as a scorer.

Is this a rivalry? No. The Blazers played the Warriors in the playoffs, but there did not appear to be any bad blood between McCollum and Curry. At his first summer league in 2013, McCollum said that Curry paved the way for other mid-major players to be taken seriously by scouts, adding that he tells Seth Curry to thank his brother for him. At this year's NBA Finals, McCollum interviewed Curry for the NBA's Facebook page and joked that Curry had let him win the Most Improved Player award.

Does McCollum think anyone can guard him? Only God, apparently.

So, is this a thing? Absolutely not.

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