Bradley Beal says Wizards' goal next season is Eastern Conference Finals

Bradley Beal dreams of the Eastern Conference Finals.   (USATSI)
Bradley Beal dreams of the Eastern Conference Finals. (USATSI)

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Wizards guard Bradley Beal had a strong season in his second year, as the Wizards made the playoffs for the first time in almost a decade and advanced to the second round. In an interview with SLAM Online, Beal talked about the Wizards' future, and what they're setting the bar at. 

SLAM: If the whole team comes back intact, do you think we’ve seen the full potential of this Wizards squad yet?

BB: Hopefully, we can get further next year than we did this year. We know, we’ve got to use this as a stepping stone for us. The Eastern Conference Finals is a goal we’re going to have moving into next season. Hopefully we can build off what we accomplished this past year and get off to a great start again.

via Q+A: Bradley Beal.

There are two ways of looking at this. One, the East is horrible as Ken Berger lays out here. The Wizards made the second round, and if they had a little more experience, might have toppled the Pacers. Why can't they get there if they keep the core intact and John Wall and Beal improve? 

The second is, "Let's slow down a bit, kid." The Bulls, who Washington took out in the first round, were missing a guy with a flower for a last name, and were supposed to have tanked out the year; that's why they traded Luol Deng. Next year, there's a good chance Brooklyn is better with another year together plus Brook Lopez getting healthy, the same for Toronto especially if it can find a few upgrades, Miami and Indiana aren't going anywhere (most likely), Chicago will have Rose back (maybe) and then you've got the draft and how it could change things. Plus the Pistons will have an actual coach. 

It's good to have that goal. It's good to set the bar ahead of where you finished last year. It's good to come in with that attitude. But for everyone else, maybe just hoping the Wizards can make it back to the postseason should be enough. 

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