Bradley Beal thinks Wizards have best backcourt, Dion Waiters disagrees

Beal thinks this is the best backcourt. (USATSI)
Bradley Beal thinks this is the best backcourt. (USATSI)

The Washington Wizards didn't just return the playoffs last season; they took out the Chicago Bulls in the first round and put a little scare into Eastern Conference finalists, the Indiana Pacers. They were fueled by the backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal, two young, dynamic guards who make the future of the Wizards look extremely bright. Beal, entering his third season in the NBA, believes that pairing in the backcourt is the NBA's top guard duo.

Adi Joseph of USA Today has the quote from Beal in which he says they're "definitely the best backcourt in the league." Even though Beal and Wall weren't kept for the final 12-man roster of USA Basketball for the FIBA World Cup and the Golden State Warriors' backcourt of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry was, Beal says it's different brand of basketball between the two competitions. 

Everyone else was saying it, so Bradley Beal joined in.

"We're definitely the best backcourt in the league," the third-year shooting guard said at Washington Wizards media day Monday.

But the best pairing in the NBA? That might strike some as odd, particularly after both were cut from Team USA's FIBA World Cup roster this summer while Golden State Warriors guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson played big roles.

"USA and the NBA are two different brands of basketball," Beal told USA TODAY Sports. "We feel as though we're the best backcourt in the league, and I'm pretty sure those guys think they're the best backcourt in the league."

The Curry-Thompson pairing in the Bay Area is certainly up there for the top backcourt. You could make the argument that Curry is a top 10 player or knocking on the door of being a top 10 player in the NBA right now, and Thompson has been a better player than Beal through Beal's first two seasons. However, there's another guard around the league that would like his backcourt nominated and awarded this honor.

Dion Waiters of the Cleveland Cavaliers clearly believes that he and Kyrie Irving should be considered the top backcourt.

Waiters and Irving certainly have the most to prove out of these three pairings, but with LeBron James and Kevin Love helping them out, we could see huge leaps from them this season. Clearly, the only answer to solving this is a two-on-two tournament involving all backcourts in the NBA. We have a week for All-Star Weekend now. Let's make it happen.

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