Dario Saric is still on track to join the Philadelphia 76ers in the summer, according to coach Brett Brown. On Friday, Brown told reporters he's confident that Saric, who the Sixers acquired on draft day in 2014, will endear himself to the city in the relatively near future. The forward can opt out of his contract with Anadolus Efes at the end of this season.

From CSN's Jessica Camerato:

“Obviously, decisions are going to have to be made on his part, but we like what we see and we believe he likes what he sees,” Brown, who described his opinion as a “gut feel,” said before the Sixers' game against the Heat.

Player development assistant Chris Babcock traveled to Europe to spend time with Saric and monitor his workouts. [...]

“[He is a] competitive bull-in-a-china-shop player,” Brown said. “I think the city of Philadelphia is just going to love the physicality of him. I think we all have to be reminded he hasn’t played a second of NBA basketball, as good as I think he might be. But nobody’s ever going to question his heart or his toughness.

“He just comes with a size and a skill package at that big of a position. He could play three-four, four-three, whatever. He can dribble, he can pass, he’s working on his shot. We feel like he’s getting better. That was the report that came back two hours ago.”

Babcock spent eight days in Turkey with Saric, per the Philadelphia Inquirer's Keith Pompey. Last month, general manager Sam Hinkie "estimated no more than three days go by without someone from the organization reaching out to him," per CSN. It has hurt the Sixers' competitiveness and watchability to be without Saric and the injured Joel Embiid since drafting them, but it's clear that the organization hopes both of them will be a big part of the future.

If Saric is all he's cracked up to be, he could be even more valuable that previously thought. Just about every team is trying to acquire a playmaking 4 now, and Saric has the skills and height to be able to play that role. Sixers games are painful for the moment, but there's hope that Saric can contribute right away and Hinkie can work some magic on draft night. That's the roadmap to Year 4 of the rebuild being a lot more exciting. 

Dario Saric can help the Sixers.   (Getty)
Dario Saric can help the Sixers. (Getty Images)