Bucks' Eric Bledsoe inexplicably tries to dribble ball inbounds, and Twitter is just as confused as you are

Athletes who have made it all the way to the NBA have been playing basketball for their entire lives. That's countless games, practices, drills and shootarounds where you're expected to be 100 percent focused and attentive. So, it stands to reason that occasionally those players will slip up and do something so strange and illogical that it leaves spectators scratching their heads in disbelief.

On Wednesday night, Milwaukee Bucks guard Eric Bledsoe committed one of the strangest gaffes you'll see on a professional basketball court. Early in the fourth quarter of the Bucks' 129-124 win over the Clippers in Los Angeles, Bledsoe inexplicably attempted to dribble the ball in from out of bounds instead of passing it. The reason you never see a player do this outside of pick-up games is that it's completely illegal, and he was immediately whistled for a violation, turning the ball over to the Clippers.

The official scorer calling this an "inbound turnover" is like calling a multi-car, high-speed collision a "fender bender." This is one of the most egregious brain cramps we've seen in the NBA, reminiscent of Russell Westbrook deciding that dribbling was optional while he brought the ball up court against the Warriors or Lamar Odom walking the ball inbounds before passing it to a teammate. Even in pickup games you have to pass the ball in most of the time, so this one just makes no sense.

As always, NBA Twitter had to chime in on the disaster and share in the delectable schadenfreude.

Give credit to Bledsoe, who joined the Twitter conversation with his own response to the inexplicable moment: "Playas f--- up."

Who knows what was going on in Bledsoe's mind, but he did have 18 of his 20 points in the first three quarters, so perhaps he just wanted to get the ball up court as quickly as possible since he had it going. The Bucks went on to win the game, so he and his teammates can laugh about the momentary lapse, but it will certainly go down as one of the all-time sports goofs.

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