Bucks waive Drew Gooden using amnesty provision

The Bucks waived veteran forward Drew Gooden using the amnesty provision Tuesday. Gooden is owed more than $13 million over the next two seasons, despite playing in only 16 games last season as the Bucks have loaded up on bigs. That $13 million will still go into his pocket but won't be held against the Bucks' cap space, leaving them more room with the signings of Zaza Pachulia and O.J. Mayo this summer. 

The move leaves only approximately 1,485 big men left on the Bucks roster. (Kidding, just five now: progress!) Gooden hardly played last season but was surprisingly effective in 2012, despite still being overpaid. The veteran forward is likely to get a bid from someone to take a chunk of his salary on the waiver wire, or be acquired after he clears waivers for the veteran minimum.

It's a win-win. Gooden can go somewhere else and maybe be a veteran backup on a contending roster, and the Bucks get rid of a monster anchor around their necks and clear up a logjam to a certain degree. 

Gooden averaged three points and two rebounds last season for Milwaukee. 

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