Bulls' Derrick Rose feels no soreness after first preseason game

Derrick Rose scores 13 points in 20 minutes vs. Indiana on Saturday night. (USATSI)
Derrick Rose scores 13 points in 20 minutes vs. Indiana on Saturday night. (USATSI)

After watching Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose work off some of the rust in his first basketball game since tearing his ACL in April 2012, it was clear to those observers that Rose had some rust to work off but ultimately looked like he was going to be just fine in his comeback from the injury. However, the concern over whether or not he could play basketball again was never really there. The main concern with his comeback from the injury is how his body will respond to the game action and will it slow his return to an MVP-caliber player.

The day after his preseason debut against the Indiana Pacers, all signs of him being recovered look good. According to Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago, Rose said he feels good after Saturday night's game and that he has no soreness at all from his 20 minutes of action. While the play from Rose last night was a nice thing to see, this is more of what the Bulls fans wanted to see from their star in his return.

It's just one game and one day after the game so we can't look too much into Rose feeling good after last night's victory. He's going to go through a lot more pounding and taxing physical conditions throughout the season and the cumulative effect will be the true test of his conditioning and the strength of his repaired knee. But good signs are good signs. 

The Bulls won't have any back-to-back matchups during the preseason. Their next game is Monday against the Memphis Grizzlies and it will be interesting to see how the Bulls handle is minutes with a day in between games. Then the Bulls travel to Brazil to play against the Washington Wizards before coming back to the U.S. to finish out their preseason schedule. 

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