Bulls' Taj Gibson, Pistons' Brandon Jennings receive flop warnings

The NBA has issued two flop warnings to Brandon Jennings of the Detroit Pistons and Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls

Jennings' flop came in the first quarter of Saturday's game against the Houston Rockets when he dropped to the ground twice after making contact with Patrick Beverley. The second drop to the ground was called an offensive foul on Beverley. The Rockets ended up winning the game 114-97 as Jennings finished with eight points on 2-of-11 shooting and 10 assists.

Gibson's flop came in the first quarter of the Bulls' 100-84 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. While running down the court and beginning to jockey with Earl Clark for position inside, Kyrie Irving stepped into the path of Gibson and barely made contact with him. That didn't stop Gibson from flailing because of the contact and receiving the foul call on Irving. Gibson finished with 15 points and five rebounds on the night.

Another flopping violation from either player will result in a $5,000 fine for that individual.

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