Bulls teammates Portis, Mirotic still not on speaking terms but in the gym together

Nearly a month after a nasty physical altercation between Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic at Chicago Bulls practice that left Mirotic with a concussion and facial fractures, the two players have still not talked to each other. 

Portis, who was suspended eight games for punching Mirotic, has returned to the lineup and played quite well. Meanwhile, Mirotic has not yet been cleared to return to action, but the forward was back at the Bulls' facility during practice on Monday. Still, even though the two were in the same building, they have not made contact.

Portis, who reportedly tried to text Mirotic a while back, but received no response, indicated that he would not try to initiate any contact. However, he did say that he would welcome Mirotic with "open arms" if his teammate wanted to approach him.

Without having seen the incident, it's obviously impossible to know exactly what happened, and what role Mirotic played in the fracas. Still, this is kind of a weird stance for Portis considering he punched someone so hard that it put them in the hospital. Portis might be waiting forever if he's putting it on Mirotic to reach out to him, instead of the other way around.

Mirotic, who signed a new deal in the offseason, is not eligible to be traded until Jan. 15 if the Bulls want to move him. And with Portis playing so well since his return, and the Bulls seriously low on talent, it seems unlikely that Portis will be shipped out. Especially considering Portis reportedly has the support of the other Bulls players. Thus, some sort of resolution must be found -- even if it's just for the short term.

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