Can James Harden and Russell Westbrook coexist on the 2019-20 Houston Rockets?

The Houston Rockets reunited Russell Westbrook and James Harden by offloading Chris Paul's contract in Thursday night's surprise blockbuster trade, but is it even safe to say the two superstars can coexist?

Some have already openly worried about the chemistry between Harden and Westbrook following the alleged falling-out between Harden and Paul, who's now replaced Westbrook in Oklahoma City (for the time being). But retired NBA veteran Raja Bell, who played for now-Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni for three seasons in Phoenix, thinks there's hardly anything to worry about when it comes to that dynamic, particularly because D'Antoni isn't the kind of guy to demand Westbrook adapt to an uncomfortable role.

"That's not Mike's style," Bell said on Friday's "Kanell & Bell" podcast. "You don't start that by telling him you need him to change."

As for the Rockets as a whole? Bell said it's "utter absurdity" to expect Houston to be worse with Westbrook on the team. While SportsLine has projected Houston's 2019-20 win total to decrease in the wake of the Paul trade, Bell believes the Rockets will be right in the mix in the Western Conference.

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