Carmelo Anthony had his NBA fortunes change very quickly. A week ago he was stuck with the Knicks and wanting out of New York, with no real team in sight because of his insistence on going to the Rockets. However, he eventually increased the list of teams he'd waive his no-trade clause and joined the Thunder.

Anthony obviously didn't waive his no-trade clause to end up in a situation where he wasn't having his needs met and one of those needs involves high volume of minutes. So when he was asked on media day about the possibility of coming off the bench, Anthony couldn't help but begin to laugh.

"Who me? I don't know where that started where that came from. Hey P (Paul George) they said I gotta come off the bench."

Well, if anybody was wondering about what sacrifices Anthony would be willing to make, it appears as if a bench role is not one of them. He sees himself as a star, and someone that was just the face of a franchise, which to Anthony means he should always be a starter.

What's interesting is that a bench-type role isn't the worst idea for Anthony to thrive in Oklahoma City. As such a ball-dominant player, and an incredible isolation scorer, he would feast on second units and not have to worry about Russell Westbrook or Paul George taking away touches. That said, there's a certain stature that comes with being a starter in the NBA and that's not something Anthony is going to give up. If Oklahoma City does want to run Anthony with their second unit players then they would be better off staggering their lineups and working him in that way.