Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks didn't exactly split up on the greatest of terms. Anthony spent the entirety of last season involved in drama, mainly created from former team president Phil Jackson trying to force Anthony out. Eventually Anthony put in a trade request and was sent to Oklahoma City. The two sides are better for it, but that doesn't make the previous years less irritating for Anthony.

New York and OKC play each other Thursday night in what will be an interesting bit of closure for Anthony. He's not even pretending the game doesn't matter to him with a subtle, but very obvious, message on Twitter:

"You Watched Me Walk Through Hell, Now Watch Me Walk Up Out It" is the caption with Anthony posing in his Thunder gear. It doesn't take much digging to know that Anthony is calling his most recent time in New York "hell." He wants to send a message to the Knicks about what they forced out of town.

This whole thing is a little silly and petty, but honestly that's why the NBA is so great. Anthony could have just pretended publicly this game meant nothing and he had moved on, but he's transparently telling everybody about his frustrations in this tweet and that's just awesome.