Carmelo Anthony says he has no problem with Kevin Garnett

A year ago, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett were invovled in a heated argument in-game that spilled over to the locker room area, where Anthony tried to confront KG at the team's bus. But now, Melo says he and KG have no beef. 

“I don’t have no problem with him,’’ Anthony said. “He don’t have no problem with me. We talk. We laugh. We joke. I see him out and abouts. No problems.’’

via Anthony: ‘No problem’ with Garnett after cereal spat | New York Post.

The confrontation was allegedly over a remark Garnett made about Anthony's wife, La La Vasquez. Anthony was suspended for the altercation.

It's not uncommon for players to blow over on-game confrontations. Many of them party and hang out in the offseason despite on-court rivalries. Kevin Garnett is close friends with Kobe Bryant, for example. but I mean... the guy made a crack about the other guy's wife. Melo can say everything's cool, but KG got into his head. And once he's there, he sets up his stereo system. 

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