Free agent-to-be Kevin Durant has reportedly narrowed down his choices to the Thunder, Spurs, Warriors, Heat, Celtics and Clippers. Also reportedly, or at least according to an agent, only the Heat and Warriors have any real shot at getting Durant to leave Oklahoma City. But this isn't disheartening in the least bit to Carmelo Anthony, who is planning to sell the virtues of the Knicks to his Team USA teammate all summer long.

Team USA's mini-camp hasn't even started yet but Anthony is already in Durant's ear. From ESPN's Marc Stein:

"I'm with KD now; he's right downstairs," Anthony told ESPN in an interview that will air later Monday on SportsCenter. "We've been together. We've been talking.

"I do consider myself part of the Knicks," Anthony continued, "so that meeting has already taken place."


‎"You know, for me, it's more just about just laying it all out for him," Anthony said, "giving him the real.

"Being in that situation before and knowing how much he has to think about‎ and what he has go through, him not wanting to leave Oklahoma ‎(after) all the time that he spent there, ‎I felt the same way when I was in Denver, spending 7 1/2 years there and then to have to make a decision‎. But you leave it up to him. He's going to make the best decision for him. I think that's the most important thing‎."

Again, the Knick aren't even on Durant's short list but doesn't seem to be bothering Anthony. It apparently doesn't concern Phil Jackson either, who told Derrick Rose the Knicks will be pursuing Durant this summer.

Anthony can definitely talk as much as he wants about the greatness of the Knicks and of playing in New York City but he also should be trying to steer Durant for an actual sit-down with the team's front office. Perhaps he is doing this but even if Durant meets with them, the Knicks seem like a long shot. Durant reportedly wants to play for a championship contender and if he joined the Knicks, they may not have enough depth wise to get past the Cavs in the East.

Melo and KD are just talking. (USATSI)