Carmelo Anthony says making the playoffs won't affect his free agency

Will Melo re-sign with the Knicks if he opts out?   (USATSI)
Will Melo re-sign with the Knicks if he opts out? (USATSI)

On Thursday, Carmelo Anthony said that while the craziness of this Knicks season will affect his decision making in free agency, whether the Knicks make the playoffs will not. 

The Knicks are games back of the Hawks for the 8th seed with 25 games left, and Detroit and Cleveland still hanging around with a chance to make a move. Atlanta's also going to get healthy again at some point (their entire frontcourt minus Elton Brand has been out). So the odds aren't great. 

Anthony's decision should be predicated more on the direction of the franchise. A late playoff push and an early first-round exit, a clear step backwards, might do more harm than good compared with a simple "everything went wrong" justification. The big key will be what teh Knicks can offer Anthony this summer in the way of improving the team. 

But I still return to the same idea over and over. Anthony has always opted for the money. That's why getting traded to New York before he was a free agent under the old CBA, so he could re-sign for the max, was so important to him. On some level, you have to believe he's going to re-sign, if only becauss that fits his M.O. the most. 

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