Carmelo Anthony to have shoulder examined

Carmelo Anthony first injured his left shoulder in Game 5 of the Knicks' first-round series against the Boston Celtics, and after that, repeatedly seemed to have issues with it. On Sunday, a Knicks official told reporters that Anthony is going to have his shoulder examined by a doctor. From the New York Daily News

Carmelo Anthony will have his ailing left shoulder re-examined by team doctors to determine the extent of the injury and how to treat it, according to a Knicks official.

The club is hopeful that Anthony's injury is not serious and that it will improve with rest and therapy and won't require surgery. Anthony had been playing with minor discomfort since Game 5 of the Knicks first round series against Boston when Kevin Garnett yanked his arm while setting a screen.

via Knicks' Carmelo Anthony to have injured left shoulder examined - NY Daily News.

After the Game 5 injury, Anthony repeatedly grimaced and grabbed the shoulder on court, and was seen having it treated on the sideline multiple times. After Game 5, Anthony averaged 27 points on 25 shots and 42 percent shooting in the final game vs. the Celtics and six games vs. the Pacers

The Knicks were eliminated Saturday night 4-2 by the Pacers in Indianapolis, with Anthony going 2-of-7 for four points in the fourth quarter of the loss, after a blistering first three quarters. 

It's good that Anthony's having the shoulder looked at now. If surgery is necessary, he could be back on the floor by the middle of the summer and still be healthy enough to court free agents should the Knicks need him to woo anyone. 

It is odd however, in a very typcially Knicks fashion, that Anthony did not have the shoulder examined further in the layoff between Games 2 and 3 for New York, or at any other time since the first round. The Knicks have notoriously avoided various tests on injuries this season, as they did with Tyson Chandler and Anthony's knee earlier this season, though both were eventually cleared and returned to active duty. 

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