Carmelo Anthony to meet with Knicks Thursday after Lakers pitch

Carmelo Anthony will meet with the Knicks Thursday.  (USATSI)
Carmelo Anthony will meet with the Knicks Thursday. (USATSI)

More Offseason Analysis: Updating Free Agency news | Top 40 free agents's Ken Berger reports that Carmelo Anthony will meet with the New York Knicks Thursday evening in LA when his meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers concludes. Anthony traveled to LA Thursday after meeting with the Bulls all day Tuesday and the Rockets and Mavericks for a half-day and two hours respectively Wednesday afternoon and evening. 

For more on Melo's travels and how the meetings reportedly went, click here. 

The Lakers may not have Kobe Bryant back from Brazil where he was watching the World Cup for the meeting, but James Worthy will be on hand, so they've got that going for them: 

Anthony will reportedly take the weekend to decide:

But there are more and more reports that Anthony is leaning towards taking the money, presumably a five-year max offer which only the Knicks can provide, and returning to New York. It's hard to blame him if that's the decision he makes. Opportunities for these contracts only come a handful of time for players, and his home is and has been New York. Still, it seems a little weird to talk so much about how winning is the top priority, visit all these places with superior chances to win... and then go back to a team that has Jose Calderon as its second best player if Anthony returns, followed by Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. But such is the way Melo goes.

We'll see how this all unfolds, and if Anthony surprises anyone or does what he's been expected to do for a year: stay with the Knicks.

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