Carmelo Anthony spent a large chunk of his career as a member of the New York Knicks, and the organization is interested in potentially bringing back the veteran forward. Anthony has been on Leon Rose's radar ever since he became the team's president earlier this year, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post. Anthony and Rose have a history as Anthony was one of Rose's top clients when he was an agent. Most recently, Rose helped Anthony land with the Portland Trail Blazers late last year. 

From Berman: 

According to sources, Anthony has been on Rose's radar ever since he took over the presidency in early March. Rose is Anthony's former top client at Creative Artists Agency. Other connections include Anthony lobbying for Thibodeau to become Knicks coach in 2014 and the newly hired assistant Woodson getting Anthony to play his best two-way ball in the 2012-13 season. 

It also makes sense because the Knicks have no clear starting small forward. The Knicks also need an outside-shooting forward after Julius Randle regressed from deep last season. 

Anthony will be a free agent this offfseason, and though the Knicks may be interested in Anthony, that interest isn't necessarily mutual. After the Portland Trail Blazers were eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the postseason, Anthony made it abundantly clear that he would like to be back in Portland next season, as he feels that he has found a home there. 

"I pray that it could be Portland," Anthony said of his NBA future, via The Athletic. "Honestly, thank God I found a home in Portland. I got comfortable with the organization. I got comfortable with the guys on the team. They got comfortable with me ... At this point in my career, I do think that that's the best fit for me, the best situation. Especially having this experience now and kind of just getting my feet wet, coming in and being who I am and staying true to myself. I really hope that it can be Portland at the end of the day where we give ourselves a chance to keep this team together, get guys healthy and get another run at it.

"Whenever you find a situation that is comfortable and allows you to be who you are, you want to stay in that situation," Anthony added. "There is no need to try different things when something is working."  

Anthony said that he will always appreciate the Blazers as an organization for taking a chance on him last year when other organizations weren't willing to do so. Anthony was out of the NBA for over a year when the Blazers signed him, and he said that he gained a new appreciation for the game during that time. 

"Being able to have another opportunity at this game -- Portland if you want to say 'revive' is the word -- allowed me to come in and just be myself and who I am," Anthony said. "So I will always be appreciative of that. Being on this team, I've learned a lot. Being out of the game for a year, then coming back and having a different perspective on things, a different appreciation, but also a different energy. That time off forced me to tap into something else, dig deep in the well, from a mental standpoint."  

Anthony's Blazers teammates would like to see him remain in Portland, too. 

"We are thankful to have him," Blazers guard CJ McCollum said of Anthony. "Hopefully he can come back next year, but once again, that is above my pay grade. If it was up to me, I would like to play with him for the rest of his career, but I guess that is to be determined."  

At the end of the day, Anthony's NBA future will likely be determined by money. Anthony signed with the Blazers for the minimum this season. If he's willing to accept that again, or close to it, Portland would likely welcome him back with open arms. However, if Anthony is looking for a larger payday, he might have to look elsewhere. At that point, the Knicks could potentially swoop in and look to lure their former All-Star back to New York.