Carmelo Anthony wants to play in Olympics for morale-boosting reasons

Although his good friend Clippers guard Chris Paul has withdrawn himself from Team USA, New York Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony's feelings for this summer's Olympics hasn't wavered. Since basically day one, Anthony has wanted to play for Team USA and is still quite passionate about winning a record-setting third gold medal.

For Anthony, playing in the Olympics would give him a chance to boost his own personal morale after enduring a third straight losing season with the Knicks. Or as he told reporters on Tuesday, playing for Team USA will give Anthony the opportunity to experience success again in his career.

From Marc Berman of the New York Post:

“From a morale standpoint as a player, if you’ve been through the things I’ve been through the past couple of years, you want to feel what that success feels like,’’ Anthony said. “The Olympics for me is great timing for me, especially coming off this season and injuries, and mentally it’s good for me to get out there and feel what that feels like again.’’

This shouldn't be seen as a slight of the Knicks by Anthony. He is merely stating facts.

The Knicks have missed out on the playoffs for the last two seasons and will finish near the bottom of the standings once again this year. Anthony was injured for the majority of last season as well and had to undergo knee surgery. So for him, despite New York's lack of success this season, he is viewing it as a "get back-on-the-court" type of year, making sure his knee can handle the rigors and stress of a full NBA season again. 

Also, being successful by winning a third gold medal and playing with some of the NBA's top players in the Olympics should rejuvenate Anthony and give him a fresh outlook heading into next season. And if the Knicks are able to add some notable free-agents, New York could be a more successful team next season. Which is what Anthony wants to get used to feeling on a consistent basis. 

Melo wants to win a third Gold medal.
Melo wants to win a third gold medal. (USATSI)

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