Cavaliers continue their reign of terror in New York with 'Arthur' memes

LeBron James caused a stir last week by posting a picture of a meme from "Arthur" -- specifically, the meme of Arthur's balled-up fist by his side -- that generally implies discontent. James later explained that he just likes "Arthur," before innocently asking if that's OK. He was made fun of relentlessly for this, probably deservedly so, but the Cavaliers just can't stop trolling the media.

After the Cavaliers beat the Knicks Monday night in the most hyped up Cavs-Knicks November matchup we could hope for as fans, Isaiah Thomas got in on the fun, followed by Channing Frye, Dwyane Wade and Jeff Green. All of this occurred after the Cavaliers acted like tourists heading through New York City and James got embroiled with the weirdest beef ever with Enes Kanter. The Cavs-Knicks rivalry has had an eventful 24 hours. James also took shots at Phil Jackson after the win.


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Mood?..... #idontwannaleaveLJandITout

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#Mood #LJChanningIT

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To be frank, this feels like a fundamental misunderstanding of what James was doing with that "Arthur" post before he back-tracked. That or James was just being cryptic on social media, which, of course, he's allowed to do. He's made fun of the media before with one of the best Vines to ever exist. But if he slips on a banana peel out of Cleveland to Los Angeles, these memes are going to look mighty awkward in seven months.

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