Cavaliers GM Chris Grant goes off on team's effort

Chris Grant is not a happy guy. (USATSI)
Chris Grant is not a happy guy. (USATSI)

Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant talked to reporters Wednesday and blasted the team's effort as it continues to slide. 

Cavs General Manger Chris Grant is disappointed in the Cavs' 16-29 record and said the team played "terrible" on this recently concluded home stand, but believes the right pieces are here to turn the season around.

"The lack of effort is just not acceptable," Grant said. "It's not who we are and who we want to be. It's got to be addressed head on. There's no excuses for that, but we've seen our guys compete and execute consistently and that's really what we've got to do a better job of."

"We're in a tough stretch," Grant said. "We came off that West Coast trip and that Denver game. We played good basketball. We played really good basketball and even in this tough stretch we've played a half or two of good basketball. Unfortunately, we haven't played two full halves. All we can do is continue to stress and push that. We know it's there because we've done it and we have to hold people accountable to it."

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Couple of problems here. The issues seem much more to do with execution than effort, outside of Kyrie Irving's struggles defensively.

They're still learning how to play each other after the trade for Luol Deng. They're still working on learning new defensive concepts under Mike Brown. They're still learning in general. There's reason to think the ship will turn around. 

But if it doesn't, it will in part be due to the lack of leadership from what has at times seemed like a desperate front office. Grant blasting the team when he has only had a handful of public comments since being hired seems duplicitous, like an effort to try and save his job. The Cavaliers decided to try and skip ahead in the rebuilding process, and sometimes, that creates growth problems. 

But still, I'm optimistic about this team's chances. There's plenty of time for them to make the playoffs in the awful East. Their roster makes sense for the first time in years. They just need to find the mental focus and some leadership to guide them. 

That leadership question is why so much attention is being drawn on Kyrie Irving right now

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