Cavaliers' LeBron James shines vs. Suns with career-high 14th triple-double of season

LeBron James and the Cavaliers have had an up-and-down season. Every step forward has been met with challenges whether a bad loss, an injury to key teammates such as Kevin Love, or needing to trade away half the roster at the trade deadline just to salvage the season.

All of that can be pretty frustrating for a player of James' caliber. The Cavs have managed to turn things around somewhat since the trade deadline, but they're still injured and have bad losses. On Tuesday, the Cavs played the Suns. Phoenix is one of the worst teams in the NBA this season and has now lost 16 of its past 17. James used this opportunity against the Suns to maybe get out some frustrations.

Cleveland pounded the Suns in a 129-107 victory. It was never close and James was a huge reason why. He recorded his 14th triple-double of the season -- a career high for him.

James was locked in from the start. He began the game with two no-look passes. Nothing as incredible as what he did against the Lakers, but good enough to keep the Suns defense off balance. 

He used the Suns as a chance to do nothing but show off his passing. He had multiple highlight plays including this dish to Kyle Korver that most players would never even attempt. 

This is a pretty good summary of the type of passer James is. Sure, he can make the routine play, but he also has the creativity to find the lanes that nobody would even think of. He of course also has the skill to make these passes. Such as this alley-oop to Jeff Green.

The cap-off moment though, and the highlight that best represents just how dominant a performance this was, came from this windmill dunk on a fast break. 

Sometimes a star player takes over just a moment from a game. Other times they impose their will for its entirety. James went with the latter route and it led to a very bad time for the Suns.

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