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No team in basketball likes changing uniforms quite as much as the Cleveland Cavaliers. They've never maintained primary home and away uniforms for more than eight years, and since 2017, they've relied largely on two jerseys: one white with red lettering and a gold border, and another red with yellow lettering and blue numbers. On Monday, however, Cleveland unveiled a new set of uniforms that maintains the same basic wine and gold color scheme, but adopts a much more minimalist feel. 

The white and red uniforms are somewhat reminiscent of the yellow and black ones unveiled by the Utah Jazz recently, though with a cleaner and sleeker design. They are both part of a growing trend in uniforms to minimize extraneous design concepts and emphasize the team's primary colors. The wine and gold uniforms maintain that concept while staying a bit closer to their old look.

The black uniforms should look familiar. Cleveland wore all black in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, etching the look into team history forever. Of course, those uniforms included sleeves. As the NBA no longer uses sleeved jerseys, these keep that same look in a more traditional package.

The Cavaliers change uniforms frequently, but considering where they currently stand as a franchise, they are well positioned to make some good memories in these. Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen should keep the Cavs in the postseason for years to come. They may have worn black the first time they won the title, but some day, they might add a trophy in wine or white to their collection.