Cavaliers vs. Celtics: Brad Stevens screwed up Tyronn Lue's Game 5 rotations, and Twitter couldn't believe it

Kyle Korver only played 18 minutes in the Cavaliers Game 5 loss to the Celtics. This was odd to see because Korver has arguably been the Cavaliers' third-best player in this series behind LeBron James and Kevin Love. The question on everybody's mind: Why? What caused Tyronn Lue to hold Korver back for so long?

The Cavs coach was asked about his decision-making after the loss and he had an answer. According to Lue, the Celtics usually run out Semi Ojeleye and that's the best matchup for Korver. So when the Celtics didn't play Ojeleye, Lue said it threw off the Cavs a bit.

This is an honest assessment from Lue. He's a very matchup-based coach and the Celtics' smaller rotation probably messed up his plans a little bit. However, that didn't stop Twitter from reacting to his response with total confusion. 

Others responded with incredulous laughter at how he could possibly let his rotation get messed up by one role player.

Really, though, it was just a lot of confusion.

Expect to see a lot more of Korver in Games 6, and possibly Game 7. The Cavs will need to win both if they're going to bring James to his eighth straight NBA Finals. 

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