Cavaliers vs. Raptors: DeMar DeRozan ejected following flagrant on Jordan Clarkson

DeMar DeRozan's season came to a disappointing end on Monday night. With the Toronto Raptors down by nearly 30 points to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the third quarter of Game 4, DeRozan was ejected after his foul on Jordan Clarkson was called a Flagrant 2. 

In the closing second of the third quarter, Clarkson was out on the fastbreak, with DeRozan trailing behind. As Clarkson rose up for a layup, DeRozan went up to contest, but didn't exactly make a play on the ball. Instead, his left arm smacked Clarkson right across the face, sending the Cavs guard crashing to the floor. 

After reviewing the play, the refs determined it was a Flagrant 2, and sent DeRozan to the locker room. Perhaps if it was a closer game, which the Raptors had a chance to win, the refs may not have ejected DeRozan. While an understandable call, it likely had a good deal to do with the game being out of hand and the refs not wanting anything to start getting too physical between the two teams. 

Regardless, this was a fitting end to what had been a poor series from the Raptors' star man. With the ejection, DeRozan did not play in either of the final two fourth quarters. He was benched in the final frame of Game 3 for his lack of production. 

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