Fair or unfair, Kevin Love appears to be the scapegoat for the recent struggles of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs reportedly had a hostile team meeting several days ago in which point guard Isaiah Thomas was the alleged ring leader in questioning why Love had left last week's blowout loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder early.

Then on Friday, more questions were raised about the dynamic between Love and Thomas when Love oddly bent down and reached out to hand Thomas the ball after a rebound.

On Saturday, Thomas said that the reports of him angrily calling out Love in the team meeting were false, and that he had simply asked Love a question.

"There's no bad blood between me and Kevin Love," Thomas said. "We go back to fifth and sixth grade. I asked a question, where he was, and it was never clarified. And that's all it was.

" ... There's nothing between me and Kevin Love, at all. I approached him about a situation, and it went out of house, like it shouldn't have been. But it was not nothing bigger than what the world was trying to make it, like some type of beef between me and him. It's never been that, and I've never been that guy to do that. So to clear all that false, whatever everybody's writing up -- that's not cool at all."

Thomas also brushed off Love bending over to pass him the ball, saying that he smiled about it immediately afterward.

The Cavs drama is at an all-time high this season, but as we've found out from years watching the NBA -- winning cures all.

The players already seemed in better spirits after Friday's 115-108 win over the Pacers, and if they can rattle off a few more wins in a row, all of the reported discontent will likely dissolve. If the Cavs keep losing, however, it's not out of the realm of possibilities for the front office to look for potential deals involving Thomas or Love -- or maybe even both -- as the Feb. 8 trade deadline nears.