Great news: J.R. Smith is crowdfunding a reality show. It stars Smith, his family and his bodyguard Freddy "Boom" Smalls, according to the Kickstarter. It is called Team Swish. The pilot has apparently already been shot, and the show will be streamed for free if the project reaches its $450,000 goal.

If you have a ton of disposable income, you can pledge $10,000 to have a speaking role in the show, "a personalized phone call" from Smith and Boom, a credit as a "Kickstarter Producer" and more.

Here's the promotional video:

Smith considers himself misunderstood, and this is a clear attempt to change that. The series promises to show viewers "the real J.R. Smith," which also happens to be his Twitter handle (@TheRealJRSmith). Do you want to see him hanging out at his suburban family home or working on opening a store? Then this reality show is for you!

The problem: There could hardly be a worse time to launch something like this. Smith has been pretty much invisible in the first two games of the NBA Finals, and the Cavaliers are in danger of falling down 3-0 against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday. Couldn't this have waited until after the season ended?

J.R. Smith smiles against the Pacers
J.R. Smith would like you to back his Kickstarter. USATSI