LeBron James came into the NBA with comparisons to Michael Jordan, but everybody has always known that his true comparison was Magic Johnson. His ability to pass, score, rebound, and essentially do everything on the floor has always been his greatest quality. If his team needs it done then James can do it. He is the ultimate do-everything player. 

In Game 2, James matched the player he had always perfectly compared with. In the third quarter he racked up the eighth triple double of his career, in the NBA Finals, and that ties him perfectly with Johnson. The scary part? James still has plenty of time to pass him.

LeBron would finish the game with 29 points, 14 assists, and 11 rebounds.

James accomplishment may have come in a loss, but this goes to show just how incredible a player he is. Not only has he been to the Finals enough times to actually accomplish this, but every single time he made an impact across the entire game. There are so few players in NBA history that have been able to do that and nobody has done it better than James.

Johnson sadly had his career cut short by HIV, but James tying him is still an accomplishment worth celebrating. What Johnson was able to do has gone down in history as some of the greatest basketball ever played. James will rightfully get the same treatment.