LeBron James has made seven consecutive NBA Finals appearances. Over that time he's played on some absolutely incredible teams with star teammates like Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love. He's largely credited as being the player to begin the "superteam" trend where star players form together to chase titles.

However, James doesn't believe he started that trend. In fact, he doesn't believe he's played for a superteam ever. Not now, and not even on those incredible Heat teams that won two titles in four years.

"Q: You've been a part of two superteams, the one you have here, the one you had in Miami, looking at what the Golden State Warriors have done, are you still a fan of the concept? Do you think it's a good thing for the NBA to build these teams how they brought in Kevin? You get what I'm asking? 

LEBRON JAMES: No, not really. I don't believe I've played for a superteam. I don't believe in that. I don't believe we're a superteam here. So, no, I don't really, I don't -- you guys want one more question before I leave and not see you guys for a long time?"

James doesn't appear to be a fan of the concept of superteams despite forming one in Miami. An argument can be made that Irving and Love aren't good enough by themselves to be considered a superteam on the Cavaliers, but that still doesn't change that fact that James has certainly played on what most would call a superteam. 

Perhaps James' qualification for what counts as a superteam is higher than the average person's. He didn't go into too much detail on why he doesn't like superteams or why he himself never played on one. Let's not kid ourselves, though. James has absolutely played on high-octane, star-studded superteams over his 13 seasons in the NBA.