Basketball Podcast: And that's a lot like the Knicks

Matt Moore and I discuss how different our weekends were. Matt spent it with food poisoning, and I spent it watching the return of Ricky Rubio to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Just how good was Rubio? Is he still exciting everybody watching the game? Was it wise for him to be pulling up for game-winners? Did the Wolves win the game over Dallas in overtime because of him?

Matt also throws five teams my way to see if they need to make a move right now to change where they're headed. Do the Blazers need to disrupt their core of Lillard-Batum-Aldridge? Do the Toronto Raptors need to blow it up and go young? Can the Celtics make a move that makes sense for their direction? Should the Dallas Mavericks move veterans while they wait for free agents? And can the Nuggets make a big move to vault them up the contender standings?

We also look into Andrew Bynum's comments about Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, preview Monday night's games and get caught up talking about the Gossip Girl series finale and action movie trailers for 2013. And Matt makes a Knicks joke at the end. 

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