Basketball Podcast: Dwight Howard's debut and Northwest Division Preview

We've got a new podcast to kick off a new week. It's the last week of fake preseason games before the real show begins and we're getting pretty excited for the new season of action to begin.

Matt Moore joins me to discuss the debut of Dwight Howard. He had 19 points, 12 rebounds and four blocked shots in his preseason Lakers debut against the Sacramento Kings. It ultimately ended in another loss for the Lake Show, as Kobe Bryant missed a big shot at the end of the game.

This sends us into a discussion about the criticism or critique of plays, players, and teams. Why do we do it? Does it always mean we think a team is bad or is it a way of pointing out an area for them to improve so they can be even more fun to watch?

We also preview the Northwest Division and determine the hierarchy of the Thunder, Nuggets, Jazz, Wolves, and Blazers. Can the Wolves outlast the Jazz this season? Is Utah too deep upfront for Minnesota to finish ahead of them? What will it take for the Nuggets to catch the Thunder? And we wonder if the Thunder have become boring because they're so good.

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