Basketball Podcast: Ethan Sherwood Strauss

For Friday's podcast, Ethan Sherwood Strauss of Bleacher Report, Warriors World and Hoop Speak fame joins the podcast to discuss the online world, the NBA world and the world of fish losing their senses. With the news that ESPN's John Hollinger has left his writing job for a front-office position with the Memphis Grizzlies, we talk about the writing world and how cool/weird this news is for the basketball community.

Then we get into discussing Carmelo Anthony and whether MVP would be a ridiculous award for him to win with Kevin Durant and LeBron James in the NBA. This leads us into a discussion about the All-Star Game and whether Jeremy Lin should accept his first All-Star bid if he wins the voting. Is the voting system completely flawed because of international voting? Is there a way to fix it all?

After that, I let Ethan crow about his beloved Golden State Warriors and, of course, the movie 8 Mile comes into the discussion. You can follow Ethan here on Twitter.

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