Basketball Podcast: Love breaks, Bon Jovi, and Leadership

I'm joined today by senior blogger for Matt Moore to discuss a wide range of topics from Bon Jovi's relevancy in John Wall's life to exactly what leadership could be in the NBA.

We react to the Jeremy Evans play from Wednesday night when he blocked Ronny Turiaf and then destroyed him at the basket on the other end, before hustling back to knock a pass out of bounds. We then discuss who the best garbage-time players are for fans to anticipate.

We also talk about Kevin Love's broken hand and how the Timberwolves can survive (note this was before the injury update saying he'd be out five to six weeks). This leads us to how he's tried to be a leader of the team over the last year or so, and where leadership on a team should come from within the roster.

Give it a listen, won't you?

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