Basketball Podcast: Why would Orlando fans want the Magic to win?

I'm joined today by senior blogger Matt Moore to break down the first week in the 2012-13 NBA season. There are oodles of stories already in the first six days. Some of them might stay around for quite a while, and some might fade away within the first couple of weeks.

We go over a great weekend in basketball. From the Lakers losing their third straight game to start the season to the incredibly action-packed Saturday night in which most of the games came down to the wire to the Lakers redeeming themselves with a win over the Detroit Pistons.

How legitimate was the Lakers' victory over the Pistons, and what does it mean for them moving forward?

We also look at James Harden's hot start and discuss how good the Knicks have been to start the season. Is Harden reminiscent of Tracy McGrady's move from Toronto to Orlando? Will the Knicks keep playing with this toughness on defense and the ball movement on offense? 

We also get into the idea that Orlando Magic fans might need to hope for close losses instead of "proving the experts wrong" about their team. Orlando can put up a great fight and be the surprise team that possibly makes the playoffs and gets knocked out in the first round, but is that really what's best for them? Shouldn't they be stockpiling young assets at the top of the draft for the next couple of years?

We discuss all of that and then more. Give it a listen.

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