NBA Podcast: Coaching is simple and complicated

Today, Matt Moore and I want to talk about coaching. With the Mike D'Antoni press conference, the way the Nuggets collapsed against the Heat, and the execution of the Knicks in their undefeated season (so far), there's a lot of material at our disposal.

D'Antoni talked a lot about simple sets, flow of the offense and trying to make sure his players know what to do when they have the ball. Is that something that will work for the Lakers? Can their players easily adapt? Should Lakers fans be more at ease after what he said?

Then, the Heat and Nuggets played another really fun game. Looking into the numbers of the game, was Kenneth Faried's effort really as impressive as the box score made it seem? How did Ty Lawson play, and was it worse than Danilo Gallinari? We also look into just how dangerous the Heat were with LeBron passing the ball and how Shane Battier's genius helps us see what's going on.

The Knicks are undefeated still. Is Carmelo evolving before our eyes, and should we start to believe in the Knicks' veteran leadership? 

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