Celtics-76ers highlights: Philadelphia rookie Dario Saric puts on passing clinic

A few days ago, Joel Embiid endorsed his teammate Dario Saric for the Rookie of the Year award, but Sunday, Saric did his own campaigning with an impressive performance in the 76ers’ win over the Celtics. In 32 minutes, Saric went 10 of 20 from the floor on his way to 23 points, including a clutch bucket with just under a minute to go to put the Sixers up five, while also grabbing 6 rebounds, and handing out 4 assists. 

In addition to just leading the Sixers to the win, however, Saric put on a show. On two different occasions, he tossed no-look passes that made him look more like a veteran point guard than a 22-year-old rookie. 

This first example is pretty slick, as he shows off his flair, looking all the way down to the other baseline while hitting Richuan Holmes for a slam. 

But this second pass is just ... wow. As he starts to bring the ball up the floor, he flicks a no-look dime diagonally halfway up the court right to Robert Covington, who drains the triple.

The no-look aspect didn’t really seem all that necessary on that pass, but hey, I’m never going to complain about players doing cool thing just for the heck of it. 

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