Celtics-Heat Game 3 Video: Kevin Garnett and LeBron James are already mouthing off

This series has been chippy, it is chippy in Game 3, it will be chippy throughout. These teams don't like each other. Not that Boston likes anyone. And in the first quarter, it was no different, as LeBron James drove the lane and was fouled, and then the usual Kevin Garnett nonsense was initiated. 

Garnett tried slapping the ball out of James hands and bumped him, then when Mario Chalmers came up talking, started mouthing back at Chalmers. Not that this is any shock. Garnett has a prolific history of altercations with diminutive point guards. It's kind of his thing. One can only assume James was running his mouth as well. 

Nothing serious, but it sets the tone for Game 3, as the Celtics are up 9 at home in the second.  

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