Celtics' Kevin Garnett cryptically says this is his last All-Star Game

Gone in a puff of smoke? (Getty Images)

Kevin Garnett came back last summer for one more run with the gang. He thought about retirement, but ultimately re-signed with the Celtics for a three-year deal which gets pretty expensive towards the end. Instead of another run with the Big 3, Ray Allen left for Miami, the Celtics spiraled into mediocrity for three months, and just when things seemed to be picking up, Rajon Rondo was lost for the year.

Whether the events of this year have affected his thinking or not, Garnett made a comment Wednesday night after a win over the Bulls that's sure to raise some eybrows in Boston and around the country.

So ... that's weird. 

That could mean he won't play in future All-Star Games if selected. It could mean he knows he won't play well enough to make the team and he's able to admit the drag of time on his game.

Or it could mean Garnett is once again considering retirement rather than face the prospect of uprooting his life from Boston to stay in title contention, which is a very high probability. Eventually, Danny Ainge will have to move on with this team and look to the future, and with Rondo out up to a year can he really rely on Paul Pierce and KG to make it until he returns?

This team has played phenomenally well for the past three weeks, but there's an overriding sense that there's a ceiling, especially after losing both Jared Sullinger and Leandro Barbosa to injury for the year. Decisions will have to be made. Ainge seems set on trusting this team and its emotional response to carry them through this year, but there's always a limit.

The other thing that could be hinted here is a possible trade coming for Boston which could lead Garnett to retire, but that seems unlikely given both Ainge and Doc Rivers' insistence that no big changes are coming.

Either way, that's going to be a major story over All-Star Weekend.

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