Celtics' Stevens called Paul George's former coach for advice on Gordon Hayward injury

While the physical part of Gordon Hayward's recovery from his devastating ankle injury will be long and grueling, the mental aspect will be just as tough, if not more difficult. 

Hayward will have to deal with all sorts of emotions as he goes through rehab, which will be a long and trying process that doesn't involve much basketball work. And that's before he gets back on the court. At that point, Hayward will have to overcome the fear of leaping high into the air again like he did on the play where he got injured. 

In order to help his All-Star forward -- and one-time college recruit -- through the process, Celtics coach Brad Stevens told reporters Friday ahead of shootaround that he called Frank Vogel to ask for some advice. Vogel, now the coach of the Orlando Magic, coached the Indiana Pacers when Paul George suffered a gruesome lower leg injury similar to Hayward's. 

Stevens' full comment:

I called Frank Vogel the day I drove to the gym when we played Milwaukee and just asked him, 'What are some of the things Paul did in his year off that you would really encourage. What are some of the things we should be looking at?' And hey, he's gonna be the best guy shooting out of a chair with his left hand, his right hand, you know, perfect his form. Let's have fun, let's come up with creative ways to attack this. 

Reporter: What were the creative things Frank suggested?

There were a few, there were a few, and he was talking about Paul's chair shooting being one of them. 

As the outpouring of thoughts for Hayward after getting injured, the NBA is a strong community, and this is just another example. Teams, coaches, players all want to win, but they truly care about the fellow members of the league. Stevens didn't spill all the beans on what Vogel told him, but hopefully the current Magic coach was able to give some good advice to help Hayward through his recovery.

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