The Celtics might not have the atmosphere of Miami on their side when presenting their case to Gordon Hayward, but what they do have is history. Boston sports has a long record of success, and for some people winning there is just different. The Celtics are doing their best to capture that aura in their pitch to Hayward.

Reports are that a few Celtics were spotted at Fenway Park giving Hayward a tour. They showed him a video of what it's like to play in Boston along with a giant message welcoming Hayward and his wife.

Showing Hayward what it's like to play in Boston is a good pitch. Then of course there's the giant sign welcoming Hayward and his wife to Boston. Is that going to change his opinion on signing with the Celtics? Not in any considerable way, but small details like that are necessary in these pitches. It shows the player they care.

It's a little weird to show Hayward an introductory video at Fenway instead of the Garden, but that is the city's most historic sports venue. The Celtics are pulling out all the stops to convince Hayward that Boston is the place for him.