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After being bounced from the first round of the playoffs, the Boston Celtics enter the 2021 offseason with some looming questions in front of them. First is finding a new head coach to replace Brad Stevens, who is replacing Danny Ainge as the franchise's president of basketball operations. It's a sizable shift for a franchise that has had Ainge as its president since 2003, and the roster decisions Stevens makes this offseason could be significant before the 2021-22 season starts. 

Among those decisions is what to do with point guard Kemba Walker, who still has two years and $73.6 million remaining on a contract that isn't looking as great as the day he signed it due to his injury issues. The Celtics could explore the option of trading him this offseason, something they've reportedly already tried to do. 

Per Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix:

"The Celtics front office was looking for a way to get out from under that contract, and ultimately were not able to do that despite having conversations with multiple teams over the last several months. I was told they discussed a deal involving Kemba Walker and LaMarcus Aldridge when Aldridge was still in San Antonio. Primarily because Aldridge was on the last year of his contract, whereas Kemba Walker has two years currently and about $76 million remaining on this contract. That frustrated Kemba Walker ... so for Kemba to hear his name and understand his name was in trade rumors, that absolutely has frustrated him over the last six to eight months."

Aldridge ended up being bought out of his contract with the Spurs and signed with the Brooklyn Nets before retiring suddenly due to a heart condition. While it's unclear why the supposed trade with the Spurs didn't work out, it details just how difficult it's going to be for the Celtics to unload Walker's contract, if that's what they plan to do in the offseason. There's also been rumors floating around that Walker would welcome an exit from Boston, citing the frustration that Mannix mentioned about hearing his name in trade rumors. If Walker is traded this offseason, there could be several teams on the market looking for a veteran point guard even though his contract isn't ideal. The issue for Walker, though, is all of those situations may not be as great as Boston from a basketball standpoint. 

It should be an interesting offseason ahead for the Celtics and new president Brad Stevens, who could make his first big move with the franchise by shipping Walker and his contract elsewhere.