Celtics waive Donte Greene after trading Fab Melo for him

About a month ago, the Celtics traded Fab Melo to the Grizzlies for Donte Greene. Then the Grizzlies waived Fab Melo. And now...

This is NBA September.

Ten days to training camp.

Update: You just knew someone was going to come along and ruin the fun with an explanation of why this matters. Mark Deeks, mighty master of ShamSports reports that it gets the Celtics under the luxury tax while the payment sent to Memphis in the deal covers their expenses for waiving Melo's guaranteed contract. This means the Celtics avoid the luxury tax (depending on what they do) and also avoid the repeater tax, which is a big deal. The Grizzlies do the Celtics a solid, make a little money, the Celtics save a little money, and the world keeps spinning. 

So there you go. Hope you feel enriched by knowing the complex reasons behind a trade where two players were traded for each other, then waived. 

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