Golden State head coach Steve Kerr has criticized Donald Trump multiple times in his short tenure as president, which is why the organization was forced to address speculation that surfaced early Tuesday morning that the team is planning on skipping their championship trip to the White House.

The Warriors released the following statement the morning after beating the Cavs in the NBA Finals for their second title in three seasons:

"Today is all about celebrating our championship. We have not received an invitation to the White House, but will make those decisions when and if necessary."

Team owner Joe Lacob also spoke out about the issue on Tuesday's episode of ESPN's "First Take." Here's what he said:

"I can't believe we're getting this question already," Lacob said. "But honestly, that's something we'll worry about at the time. That's a long time from now."

Steve Kerr has been vocal in his criticism aimed towards Donald Trump's White House, recently calling him a "blowhard" who "couldn't be more ill-suited to be president." In addition to public scrutiny from Kerr, Stephen Curry also delivered some sharp criticism this season by calling the President an asset "if you remove the et" in a response to public backing from the Under Armour CEO.

We saw several New England Patriots players skip the White House visit after winning the Super Bowl earlier this spring, but an entire team declining the invitation by unanimous decision, as one report suggested, would be a statement made loud and clear from the 2017 NBA champions.