Chandler Parsons has struggled to make an impact since arriving in Memphis. He only played 34 games last season due to injury, and struggled when he did play. With a big-money contract, Grizzlies fans aren't fond of Parsons, and the less-than-stellar play isn't helping.

During the season opener, Grizzlies fans decided to let Parsons know how they felt about his time with the franchise so far. They rained boos down on him, although there were some cheers as well to try and counteract the boos. Parsons wasn't happy about it, and after the game he let his frustration show.

Parsons' teammates stood up for him after the game. They feel that any boos against Parsons is against the team as a whole, including themselves.

Fans will do whatever fans want, but it's rare to see them show open disdain toward a player this early into their career in a city. It's no surprise to see Parsons show frustration with being booed on his home floor. That's one of the lone places players don't receive anger or hatred from the average fan.

However, he might not win over any of them with his comments after the game. Fans are fickle and Parsons will need to win them over with his play rather than his words -- even if the boos are a little unfair for a once-great player who's had much of his ability taken away by injuries.