Charles Barkley karaoke sings 'End of the Road' with Boyz II Men

If Kenny Smith ever decides to retire from Inside The NBA, we now know exactly how he will be sent off.

NBA legend and TNT commentator Charles Barkley took the karaoke stage this week in North Carolina, where he was helping raise money for the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic, according to the Triangle Business Journal. While Barkley is a man of many talents -- including scoring against larger defenders and talking his way into and out of trouble -- singing isn't exactly his forte.

As the video above shows, the Round Mound of Rebound was just butchering Boyz II Men's love ballad, "End of the Road." 

"We belong together, and you know that I am right," Barkley croons. "Why do you play with my heart? Why do you play with my mind?"

Before you pause the video to save your ears, wait until you see who came on stage to save him: Boyz II Men themselves. As a member of the crowd shouts "Whattttt," Barkley welcomes two members of the group by putting his arms around them. The duo then proceeded to help Barkley through the rest of the smash hit, which was recorded in May 1992 and went on to top the charts and win a Grammy. reports that Boyz II Men was also in town for the charity work. It's a good thing, because one member of the audience can be heard yelling at Barkley, "You're [expletive] terrible."

The heckler meant "turrible," of course.

Video via YouTube user jacobecca | Hat tip: @JimmyTraina

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