Draymond Green is one of the toughest players in the league, and most infuriating if you have to go against him. He's even annoying to people merely watching on TV, as one quick search of his name on Twitter-dot-com would tell you. But it turns out even TV analysts are fed up with the Warriors forward, as Charles Barkley joked at halftime of Game 2 between the Dubs and Pelicans that he wanted to punch Green in the face.

The exchange came during a clip of Green having words with Rajon Rondo at halftime. As transcribed by Yahoo Sports: 

Barkley: "I just want someone to punch him in face."

Johnson: "American Express Halftime Report…"

Barkley: "I really do, I want someone to punch him in the face."

Smith: "You don't like Draymond?"

Barkley: "I want to punch him in the face so bad."

Smith: "Why don't you like Draymond?"

Barkley: I'm just telling you, I want to punch his ass in the face.

It was kind of funny to hear Barkley saying over and over he wanted Green to be punched in the face, but understandably Green's mom did not find any humor in the moment. She quickly fired back at Barkley with some tweets, even showing off her knowledge of the game by criticizing Barkley for not getting involved in the infamous fight between Julius Erving and Larry Bird. 

OK, everyone who had "Draymond Green's mom beefing with Charles Barkley on Twitter" on their NBA feuds bingo card can mark that one down.